November Urie works update

With 506 back in service you would be mistaken if you thought we were taking a little breather before pushing forward with work on S15 499.

So for those who like to know what we are up to here’s a short breakdown of progress:

  • Barry made very good progress on a coach (TSO) he’s been working on as the Urie LocoULS engineering team continue to build our working partnership with the new boards of MHR and MHRPS. Fair to say the repairs are almost finished and will allow this desperately needed vehicle to return to traffic in time for the Santa specials – it will yield a return of approx £600 every time it runs in a train so thank you Barry for everything you’ve done. This is the only time i’ll name drop and to complete the ‘role’ i must also thank Neil Marshall, Martin Buckell and Neil MacKenzie who have all helped with the repair.
  • Back to 499:
  • Front platform now drilled and ready for riveting
  • Holes ‘tidied up’ in the front angles/frames prior to riveting
  • Palm stays removed from boiler 799
  • Work has begun re: machining motion
  • Cylinder draincock castings being machined
  • New injector casting machined
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