January Urie works update

With one month already passed in 2020 the team have already cracked on with work on our Urie S15 499. Here’s what has been achieved:

  • Both cylinder blocks now mounted on the frames
  • Most of the 78 fitted bolts are now in and flogged up
  • Buffer beam support angles riveted to the frames
  • Gussets riveted up
  • Buffer beam riveted to angles and gussets
  • Curved angles which support the running plate riveted to the frames
  • New platework cut for front platform
  • New angles cut for front platform
  • Thin lip piece welded to platform
  • Angles riveted to platform and completed assembly lifted onto loco
  • Assembly riveted to frames
  • Draw hook casting riveted to back of buffer beam
  • Motion brackets temporarily bolted to frames to allow for drilling
  • Palm stays removed from boiler 799
  • Continuing with removal of smokebox rivets
  • Inside of boiler barrel cleaned up for inspection
  • Crossheads machined
  • Couplng rods and eccentrics being machined

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