April Updates

Tender 3208

Recent work on this ‘new’ tender has included the fabrication of low level water hydrant fillers and associated pipework. The front platform framing has been built just below the shovel plate and to ‘battleship’ standards. The handbrake and weigh shaft assembly are virtually complete but will have to wait for final works associated with the braking gear. Our intention is the lift the new tank onto our spare set of bogies whilst we attend to the set currently under No. 3208. A protective coat of paint has been applied to the whole tender tank in readiness for it to go outside in the elements.


After some detailed thoughts on the frame plate renewal with all interested parties, 506’s chassis has been moved into the main works under the lifting gantry for the replacement of front-end frame plates to begin. (I can report that the Society has managed to acquire a 5-ton gantry for use on 499.) Indeed, we have now added another storage container to our complement for use in storing of masses of parts etc.

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